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Engineering Photonics student selected for STEMship programme

Sam Gibson is one of 30 students nationwide who will embark on the two-year support programme which offers, amongst other benefits, a £1,500 scholarship, an overseas experience at a leading engineering institution, and membership to the Women’s Engineering Society (WES). The programme, launched by Santander UK, is dedicated to supporting female engineering students and aims …

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IR WORKshop: Princeton, NJ

In November, Jane Hodgkinson travelled to Princeton University, New Jersey, to attend Laser Components' 7th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies. She also presented a joint paper with Cranfield University's National Flying Laboratory on the use of retroreflective materials in maritime search and rescue. The workshop focusses on new developments in all fields of IR technology …

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PGI conference, NPL 2019

The Postgraduate Institute for measurement science (PGI) conference brings together experts and practitioners in the field. Now in its fourth year, the PGI celebrates the success of its unique strategic partnership with the University of Surrey and University of Strathclyde. Students, scientists, academics, industry and others will present their latest advances in science and the …

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IEEE Sensors: Montreal 2019

In October, Laura Aime attended the 2019 IEEE Sensors conference in Montreal, Canada to present her work on the development of a Fibre Bragg grating pressure sensor. Conference paper Optical fiber Bragg grating based pressure sensor using a composite diaphragm for pressure measurements L F J Aime, A Verzeletti*, S W James, and R P …

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Nanoscale 2019: Braunschweig

Nanoscale 2019, held on the 15th-16th October, comprises the 12th Seminar on Quantitative Microscopy (QM) and the 8th Seminar on Nanoscale Calibration, Standards and Methods. Conference poster A transfer and scattering matrix model of the NPL plane mirror differential interferometer A Bridges, A Yacoot*, T Kissinger, and R P Tatam *NPL, Teddington, UK

The Enlighten Conference 2019

Co-located with Photonex and VacuumExpo, The Enlighten Conference features application and technology advances, innovations and emerging technologies in photonics and optical technologies. It comprises one and two-day conferences, one-day meeting programmes, training and educational masterclass workshops. Each meeting is carefully crafted and brings you the opportunity to meet some of Europe’s brightest minds. Join the …

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MFHS 2019: Enschede

In October, Vangelis Rigas travelled to Enschede in the Twente region of The Netherlands to attend the fourth conference on MicroFluidic Handling Systems. Worldwide, accurate handling — i.e. analysis, dosage, measurement and control — of small and extremely small mass flow rates of both gases and liquids is becoming more and more important, driven by …

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EWOFS 2019: Limassol

The seventh edition of the European Workshop on Optical Fibre Sensors, EWOFS'2019 is being held at the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol, Cyprus. This initiative aims at promoting a scientific meeting with a high level of interaction between participants, enabling an open debate and the assessment of new concepts, technologies and applications in the …

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EUSPEN: Special Interest Group Meeting

The 6th in the series of joint Special Interest Group meeting between EUSPEN and ASPE on Advancing Precision in Additive Manufacturing (September 16th - 18th) is crucial to putting additive manufacturing (AM) onto the factory floor. Topics: · Dimensional Accuracy and Surface Finish from Additive Manufacturing · Design for Precision · Designing and Characterizing AM …

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BSSM's 14th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics

The British Society for Strain Measurement's 14th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, held from the 10th - 12th September in Belfast, Northern Ireland, is the latest in a series of conferences organised by the BSSM showcasing novel and innovative research in Experimental Mechanics. Conference presentation Measurement of helicopter rotor blade vibration modes using …

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