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Publications 2013

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Invited peer-reviewed journal publications

Peer-reviewed journal publications

Contribution to books


  • The 22nd International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors, OFS-22
    Y Liao*, W Jin#, J D C Jones## and R P Tatam
    Measurement Science and Technology, 24, 090301 (1pp), 2013.
    *Tsinghua University, People's Republic of China, # Hong Kong Polytechnic University, People's Republic of China, ## Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK

Invited presentations

  • Optical fibre monitoring systems for composite process monitoring
    E Chehura, S W James, and R P Tatam
    Presented at the 4th Asia Pacific Optical Sensors Conference, Wuhan, China, 2013.
  • Monitoring process parameters using optical fibre sensors in composite production
    E Chehura, S W James, and R P Tatam
    Presented at the 1st International workshop on embedded Optical sensors for Composite Materials, Ghent, Belgium, 2013.

Peer-reviewed conference papers

Conference presentations and publications

  • OCT: a novel, rapid and non-destructive technology to visualise microstructures of mandarin rinds
    L S Magwaza, U L Opara, S Landahl, H D Ford, P J R Cronje and L A Terry,
    Presented at the 2013 Combined Congress of the South African Society of Horticultural Sciences, 21-24 January 2013, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban,South Africa.
  • OCT for non-destructive testing: surface profiling and adhesive cure monitoring
    H D Ford and R P Tatam
    Presented at First International Symposium on Optical Coherence Tomography for Non-destructive Testing (OCT4NDT), Linz, Austria, 13-14 Feb 2013.
  • A novel approach to chemical sensing using fibre-optic sensors anchored with a functionalised mesoporous thin film
    S Korposh, S W James and R P Tatam
    Presented at Advances in Sensor Technologies and Applications for Monitoring, organised by the Royal Society of Chemistry, London, June 2013.

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