L: WoP 2017

LASER: World of Photonics 2017

About Cranfield University

Cranfield is an exclusively postgraduate university that is a global leader for transformational research in technology. Cranfield is focussed on the specialist themes of aerospace, defence and security, energy and power, environment and agrifood, manufacturing, transport systems, and water. Cranfield has the largest number of engineering and technology postgraduates in the UK, awards over five percent of the UK’s engineering and technology PhDs each year and currently works with over 1,500 companies and organisations worldwide. Cranfield is ranked in the top five of UK universities for commercial research income, with 81% of Cranfield’s research classed as world-leading or internationally excellent by REF (Research Excellence Framework, 2014). Cranfield University was formed in 1946 as the College of Aeronautics, the first postgraduate college of its kind.

The Centre for Engineering Photonics

Engineering Photonics at Cranfield is recognised internationally as a leading centre for optical sensing and instrumentation, which, since its inception in 1989, has been led by Professor Ralph Tatam. Engineering Photonics undertakes research ranging from blue skies concepts to the development of prototype instrumentation that is used by us and our academic and industrial collaborators in real environments.

Research areas

Engineering Photonics applies advanced photonic technologies to solve challenging measurement problems. Our research underpins measurements across a wide range of industrially important areas such as: aerospace, healthcare, manufacturing, transport, automotive, environment and agrifoods. We work in collaboration with academia, SMEs and major international companies both nationally and internationally.


Optical interferometry; optical fibre sensor technology including interferometry, FBGs and LPGs; optical imaging and image processing; optical gas sensing; speckle interferometry and metrology.

Optical gas sensing

Low volume gas sensing A link to the flyer can be found here Relevant publications Mid-IR spectroscopic instrumentation for point-of-care diagnosis using a hollow silica waveguide gas cell D Francis, J Hodgkinson, C Walton, J Sizer*, P Black+, B Livingstone+, D P Fowler, M K Patel, and R P Tatam Presented at BiOS (Part of SPIE Photonics West), …

Position and vibrometry

Position and vibrometry A link to the flyer can be found here Relevant publications Cost-effective vibration and displacement measurement using range resolved interferometry T Kissenger, T O H Charrett, S W James, and R P Tatam Presented at 10th International Conference on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, Edinburgh, 1 September 2015 Range-resolved interferometric signal processing using sinusoidal optical frequency …

Fibre-optic sensing

Fibre-optic shape sensing A link to the flyer can be found here Relevant publications Multiplexing curvature sensors using fibre segment interferometry for lateral vibration measurements T Kissinger, E Chehura, S W James, and R P Tatam Presented at 25th International Conference on Optical Fiber Sensors, Jeju, Republic of Korea, April 2017 Proc. SPIE 10323 Article number1032317 (2017) CERES: https://dspace.lib.cranfield.ac.uk/handle/1826/12033 Fibre segment interferometry for …

Speckle odometry

Laser speckle sensing for robotic manufacturing A link to the flyer can be found here Relevant publications Speckle tracking approaches in speckle sensing T O H Charrett, K Kotowski and R P Tatam Presented at Optical Sensors 2017 Prague, Czech Republic, April 2017 Proc. SPIE 10231 Article number 103230L (2017) Objective speckle displacement resulting from the deformation of shaped …


Optical coherence tomography A link to the flyer can be found here Relevant publications Passively-coupled, low-coherence interferometric duct profiling with an astigmatism-corrected conical mirror H D Ford, and R P Tatam Optics Express 25, 8, 8896-8915 (2017) - Open Access CERES: https://dspace.lib.cranfield.ac.uk/handle/1826/11757 Spatially-resolved volume monitoring of adhesive cure using correlated-image optical coherence tomographyH D Ford and R P …