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Graduated research students

All qualifications PhD unless otherwise specified. Links provided to theses on the Cranfield CERES repository where available.


Laura Aime 'Development of an optical fibre pressure sensor for F1 applications' (2021).

James Bremner 'Fibre-coupled, multiplexed methane detection using range-resolved interferometry' (2021).


Antonio Rendon-Romero 'Fibre optic sensor with biologically active coatings for the detection of cells' (2019).


James Barrington 'Design and fabrication of optical fibre long period gratings for CO2 sensing' (2018).

Evangelos Rigas 'Dual-beam swept-source optical coherence tomography for microfluidic velocity measurements' (2018).

Nicholas Davis 'Mid-infrared spectroscopic instrumentation for airborne monitoring of atmospheric gas species' (2018).


Alex Tothill 'Developing a proof of principle 3D-printed lab-on-a-disc assay platform' (2017).


Kevin Mullaney 'The fabrication of micro-tapered optical fibres for sensing applications' (2016).

Mark Manders 'Interferometric fibre optic sensors incorporating photonic crystal fibre, for the measurement of strain and load' - MPhil (2016).

Sarah Bergin 'Pathlength calibration of integrating sphere based gas cells' (2016).


Thomas Kissinger 'Range-resolved optical interferometric signal processing' (2015) - Lord Kings-Norton medal winner.

Abdullah Asmari 'A novel laser diode wavelength stabilisation technique for use in high resolution spectroscopy' (2015).

Sahar Chowdhury 'Fibre optic hydrogen sensing for long term use in explosive environments' (2015).


Ian Bledowski 'Frequency-division-multiplexing technique for imaging metrology' (2014).

John Davenport 'UV spectroscopic instrumentation for formaldehyde detection in the indoor environment' (2014).

Rebecca Wong 'Advanced fibre optic long period grating sensors; design, fabrication and sensing' (2014).


Matthew Partridge 'Fibre-optic sensors with molecular coatings' (2012).


Stephen Topliss 'Optical fibre long period grating sensors with nanostructured coatings' (2011).


Renata Jarzebinska 'Tapered optical fibre sensors employing nanostructured coatings' (2010).

Ryadh Zakaria 'NDIR instrumentation design for Carbon Dioxide gas sensing' (2010).


Dackson Masiyano 'Use of diffuse reflections in tunable diode laser spectroscopy' (2009).

Richard Reeves 'Demodulation and de-multiplexing of a fibre Bragg grating sensor array using volume holograms' (2009).


Daniel Francis 'Surface strain measurement using pulsed laser shearography with fibre-optic imaging bundles' (2008) - School of Engineering PhD prize winner.

Zenghai Lu 'Interferometric filter-based planar Doppler velocimetry' (2008).

Georgios Sarantavgas 'Investigation of a fibre-optic Fizeau interferometer configuration and coherent fibre-optic imaging bundles for optical coherence tomography' (2008).

Ricardo Correia 'Development of a pore pressure sensor employing fibre Bragg gratings' (2008).

Stephen Buggy 'Composite material process monitoring using optical fibre grating sensors' (2008).

Richard Murphy 'Frequency domain signal processing and multiplexing of fibre optic long period grating based interferometric sensors' (2008).


Thomas Charrett 'Development of two-frequency planar doppler velocimetry instrumentation' (2006).

Pierre Casaubieilh 'Fibre optic fizeau intererometer for optical coherence tomography' (2006).

Imran Ishaq 'Fibre-optic long period gratings with nano-structured overlays' (2006).


Sammy Cheung 'An investigation of chirped fibre Bragg gratings Fabry-Perot interferometer for sensing applications' (2005).

Firas Al-Sawaf 'Efficient phase unwrapping' (2005).


Ruth Beddows 'An analysis of fibre optic interferometer configurations for optical coherence tomography' (2004).


Sarfraz Khaliq 'Fibre-optic long period gratings for sensing applications' (2003).

Simon Reilly 'Tuneable and switchable dual wavelength laser diodes using fibre Bragg grating external cavities' (2003).

Lazarre Kassi 'Automation of Fibre Bragg grating fabrication system' - MSc by Research (2003).



Edmond Chehura 'Laser Doppler velocimetry using in-fibre Bragg grating Fabry-Perot interferometers' (2002).

Gerald Byrne '3-D fibre optic laser Doppler anemometry for applications in turbomachinery' (2002).


Roger Groves 'Development of shearography for surface strain measurement of non-planar objects' (2001).

Richard Odic 'Raman optical time domain reflectometry for aircraft fire overheat detection and monitoring' (2001).

Martin O'Dwyer 'Implementation and appraisal of an in-Fibre Bragg grating quasi-distributed health and usage monitoring system with applications to advanced materials' (2001).


Itziar Balboa 'Low coherence fibre optic speckle interferometry' (2000).

Karl Bamford 'An investigation of optical radar and low coherence interferometry for the detection of precancerous tissue' (2000).

Suki Johal 'Second harmonic generation in Langmuir-Blodgett waveguide overlays coated into single-mode optical fibres' (2000).


David Egan 'In-line fibre optic laser Doppler velocimetry for turbomachinery applications' (1999).

Clare Chatterjea 'Laser diode based FMCW interrogation of fibre optic grating sensor arrays' (1999).


Damian Flannery 'Fibre optic chemical sensing using Langmuir-Blodgett overlay waveguides' (1998).

Alan Wilson 'Interrogating techniques for short gauge length optical fibre sensors' (1998).


Michael Dockney 'Fabrication of wavelength division multiplexed in-fibre Bragg grating arrays for structural monitoring applications' (1997).


Robert Lockey 'Optoelectronic time-division multiplexing for multicomponent laser doppler anemometry' (1996).

Abdel Ezbiri 'Passive signal processing techniques for miniature fibre Fabry-Perot interferometric sensors' (1996).

Jen-Rong Huang 'Optoelectronic speckle shearing interferometry' (1996).


Robbie Charters 'Continuous fibre optic components utilising evanescent coupling to organic thin films' (1995) - Lord Kings-Norton medal winner.

John Edwards 'High-sensitivity Faraday-effect magnetometry using multiple-beam optical fibre interferometry' - MPhil (1995).


Helen Ford 'Optical fibre wavelength filters and multiplexers' (1994) - Lord Kings-Norton medal winner.

Christopher Duffy 'Stimulated Brillouin Scattering In Monomode Optical Fibres For Sensing And Signal Processing Applications' (1994).

Omer Khan 'Optical frequency shifter using stimulated Brillouin scattering in fibre optic ring resonators' (1994).

Clive Buckberry 'A TV Holographic interferometer for use with engineering applications' (1994).


Hashim Atcha 'Optoelectronic speckle pattern interferometry' (1993).

Richard Martin 'Full-field optical Doppler anemometry' - MPhil (1993).


Stephen Antrobus 'Development of a miniature fibre optic laser Doppler velocimeter for 3D flow measurement in turbomachinery' - MPhil (1992).