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The next  international conference on Optical Fibre Sensors will be held in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan. OFS is acknowledged as the world’s leading conference on all the aspects of optical fibre sensors and related photonic technologies. 

EP presentations

Dynamic measurement of strain and shape on a rotating helicopter rotor blade: The measurement challenge
S W James, T Kissinger, S Weber, K Mullaney, E Chehura, J Barrington, H Pekmezci, S E Staines, T O H Charrett, N Lawson, M Lone and R P Tatam

Optical fibre based angle measurement for robotic joints
S Pillai, T O H Charrett, T Kissinger, J Barrington, S W James and R P Tatam

Direct comparison of the strain measurement performance of fibre Bragg gratings and fibre segment interferometry
J Barrington, T Kissinger, S W James and R P Tatam