Research Areas

This section of the website presents the different research areas in which we are engaged with in Engineering Photonics, with some discussion of theory as well as the novel directions our research has taken us.


Fibre optic sensors

  • Grating based sensors
  • Overlays
  • Fibre interferometers


Speckle techniques

  • Speckle interferometry
  • Speckle correlation


Gas spectroscopy

  • Tunable diode laser spectroscopy
  • Non-dispersive infrared
  • Mid-infrared spectroscopy


Optical coherence tomography


Flow measurement


Speckle Interferometry

Introduction The speckle metrology research area at Cranfield has expertise in a wide range of speckle interferometry and associated optical techniques. The non-contact full-field optical measurements that are made using these techniques are increasingly important for investigation of the behaviour of materials in high technology applications, such as in the aerospace and automotive industries.   …

Planar Doppler Velocimetry

Introduction   Construction of a flow map using point measurement techniques, such as laser Doppler Velocimetry requires measurements to be made sequentially over an array of positions with the flow. The large amount of time involved makes such measurements costly. Flow mapping can be performed more efficiently using the recently developed technique of Planar Doppler …