Engineering Photonics bids farewell to James Bremner

The Engineering Photonics Group bids farewell to James Bremner who is leaving to join the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at City University, London.

Members of the group who were present took the opportunity to say goodbye over a beer at the Cranfield Student Association bar.

Left to right: Edmond Chehura, James Barrington, Jane Hodgkinson, Sivaji Pillai, Kieran Wiseman, James Bremner, Nina Binaei, Sam Gibson, Nick Davis, and Steve James.

PhD viva success!

Congratulations to Angus Bridges on successfully defending his thesis on 13th December 2021.

His thesis title is “Optical metrology to support the next generation of nanopositioning".

Angus spent the majority of his time working at NPL and is now an employee there working in Dimensional Metrology Group.

PhD viva success!

Congratulations  to James Bremner who successfully defended his thesis on multiplexed tunable diode laser spectroscopy using range-resolved interferometry!




Farewell to Thomas Kissinger

Engineering Photonics bids farewell to Thomas Kissinger who returns to his native Germany to take up a position as Junior Professor at the Technical University of Ilmenau. His new role in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will see him lead the new department of nanofabrication and nanomeasurement technology, in which he will research precision machines for nanometer-accurate production and analysis technology.

Before he left, we did find an opportunity to enjoy a shared lunch in the gardens of the Cranfield Student Association, and was, for many of us, a first gathering since the start of the pandemic in early 2020. Those who were not able to attend in person joined remotely through Microsoft Teams. During the lunch, Thomas was presented with a print of Michelson's original interferometer design for measuring the velocity of light.

Lunch in the CSA gardens for Thomas' farewell. (L-R: Sam Gibson, Kieran Wiseman, James Barrington, James Bremner, Tom Charrett, Thomas Kissinger, Sivaji Pillai, Steve Staines, Steve James, and Nick Davis).



International Day of Light!

The International Day of Light is celebrated each year on 16th May. It is a global initiative to provide a focal point for the continued appreciation of light and light based technology and the role it plays in all our lives in science, education, culture and art, and sustainable development across fields as diverse as medicine, communications, energy, aerospace and healthcare. IDL aims to raise awareness of the critical role light plays to help achieve the goals of UNESCO – education, equality and peace.

The 16th May date every year was chosen to celebrate the International Day of Light as it is the anniversary of the first successful operation of the laser in 1960 by Theodore Maiman.

Further information can be found at and on the websites of SPIE and the OSA.


PhD viva success!

Congratulations  to Laura Aime who successfully defended her thesis on the use of fibre optic pressure sensors in Formula One.

Review paper is Editor's Choice!

Our review paper, 'Tapered Optical Fibre Sensors: Current Trends and Future Perspectives' has been selected by MDPI Sensors as one of the Editor's Choices.

Editors select a small number of articles recently published in the journal that they believe will be particularly interesting to authors, or important in the field. The aim is to provide a snapshot of some of the most exciting work published in the various research areas of the journal.

Tapered Optical Fibre Sensors: Current Trends and Future Perspectives
S Korposh*, S W James, S-W Lee+, and R P Tatam
Sensors 19, 10, 2294 (39pp) (2019) - Open Access
*University of Nottingham, UK,  +University of Kitakyushu, Japan 


Engineering Photonics student selected for STEMship programme

Sam Gibson is one of 30 students nationwide who will embark on the two-year support programme which offers, amongst other benefits, a £1,500 scholarship, an overseas experience at a leading engineering institution, and membership to the Women’s Engineering Society (WES). The programme, launched by Santander UK, is dedicated to supporting female engineering students and aims to encourage more women to embark on a career in the UK engineering industry.

Sam receiving her STEMship programme certificate at the Santander launch event at Silverstone. (Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images for Santander)

The WES membership included an invitation to The Society’s Caroline Haslett Lecture and Awards Ceremony at the end of October. The lecture was given by Dr Anne Stevens, an engineer whose roles have included COO of Ford Motor Company and CEO of the automotive and aerospace company GKN. There was a Q&A session before the event with Dr Stevens, who had advice on forging a career in engineering and standing up for oneself in a male-dominated working environment. The evening was an excellent networking opportunity, and Sam especially enjoyed catching up with the students she’d met at the launch event at Silverstone.

Sam, with the other successful applicants, and Jenson Button. (Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images for Santander)

IR WORKshop: Princeton, NJ

In November, Jane Hodgkinson travelled to Princeton University, New Jersey, to attend Laser Components' 7th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies. She also presented a joint paper with Cranfield University's National Flying Laboratory on the use of retroreflective materials in maritime search and rescue.

Princeton University.

The workshop focusses on new developments in all fields of IR technology such as detectors, sources and filters, instrument subsystems, as well as commercial applications. Short, concise presentations are not only delivered to convey information, but also to serve as a basis for the exchange of thoughts, concepts and ideas.

Presentation title

IR performance of retroreflective materials in maritime search and rescue
J Hodgkinson, J Nixon*, C Bennett+, and R P Tatam
*Centre for Safety & Accident Investigation, Cranfield University, +National Flying Laboratory, Cranfield University

PGI conference, NPL 2019

The Postgraduate Institute for measurement science (PGI) conference brings together experts and practitioners in the field. Now in its fourth year, the PGI celebrates the success of its unique strategic partnership with the University of Surrey and University of Strathclyde. Students, scientists, academics, industry and others will present their latest advances in science and the impact it is creating on health, the environment and society.

Conference poster

A transfer and scattering matrix model of the NPL plane mirror differential interferometer
A Bridges, A Yacoot*, T Kissinger, and R P Tatam
*NPL, Teddington, UK