Research Themes

The Engineering Photonics Group develops optical measurement solutions for wide range of problems in industry and research. This section of the site summarizes the different research areas we have been involved in and the specific projects worked on under each theme.

Transport Systems

The Engineering Photonics Group is currently located within the Transport Systems division of the School of Aerospace, Transport, and Manufacturing at Cranfield University, and we have worked on a number of projects encompassed by this theme. Examples of our activities include using our fibre Bragg grating instrumentation to assess service lifetimes of rail components on …


Work that we are involved in under the manufacturing theme includes the application of our laser speckle correlation system for high accuracy positioning of robotic arms, and the use of optical coherence tomography in combination with planar imaging velocimtery for flow velocity meaasurement in microfluidic channels. Our development of multi-component speckle interferometry which allow full …


Improved post-operative vision using advanced optical techniques   Optical fibre instrumentation for point-of-care diagnostics   DIABLO - Detection of infectious agents by laser optics


FutureSky - Spectroscopic measurement of vapour from burning composites   ADVITAC - Advanced integrated composite tailcone   DDDTRMS - Damage detection and damage tolerance in rotating mechanical systems   Speckle velocimetry for high accuracy and multi-dimensional odometry   Two-frequency planar Doppler velocimetry

Environmental Technology

Mid-IR spectroscopy of atmospheric methane   Future Sky - Spectroscopic measurement of vapour from burning composites   Fibre-optic sensors for geotechnical applications



OCT used to detect rot in onions