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SPIE: Optical Metrology

SPIE’s Optical Metrology conference held in conjunction with the World of Photonics congress took place in June in Munich. Tom Charrett, Kieran Wiseman, and Sivaji Pillai attended and presented their work. They were joined in Bavaria by former colleague Thomas Kissinger, currently at TU Ilmenau, who was chairing a session on interferometric techniques at the conference.

Kieran, Sivaji, Tom, and Thomas (L to R) at the Schneider Weisse Brauhaus.

Sivaji presenting his work at SPIE Optical Metrology

EP presentations

A fibre optic angle sensing tape for applications in robotics and automation
S Pillai, T O H Charrett,  T Kissinger, and R P Tatam

Long-term wavelength stabilisation of widely modulated lasers
K B Wiseman,  T Kissinger, and R P Tatam

Application and performance of laser speckle odometry applied to a mobile industrial robot
T O H Charrett, S Gibson, and R P Tatam