GASG at Chicheley Hall

The 84th Gas Analysis and Sensing Group symposium was held at Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire. The symposium focused on early career researchers with several presentations by past and present members of EP including Nick Davis, Nina Binaea, Célia Lourenço, and James Bremner.

Chicheley Hall


Prizes were awarded for the best talks with Cranfield University researcher Valerio Feracci winning first prize for his work on natural emissions of trace gases. Célia was awarded third place for her work on airborne pesticide residue monitoring in museums.

Celia being awarded third place for her GASG talk.


EP connected presentations

Oxygen monitoring in wire and arc additive manufacturing
Nina Binaei

Anti-gas detection – making measurements between water absorption lines
Nicholas Davis

Interferometric fringe fighting In TDLS
James Bremner

Non-invasive determination of airborne pesticide residues in museum collections
Célia Lourenço