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Mar 20

"Engineering optics, from bench top to bedside"

The head of our department organised a talk yesterday by Bruce Tromberg. Bruce Tromberg is professor of Biomedical Engineering; professor (jointly) of the School of Medicine at the University of California, Irvine; and a Director of the Beckman Laser Institute. Additionally, he is also.... okay, I'm going to stop there as I've just found his …

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Dec 21

An inside-out snowman

I made an inside-out snowman from two integrating spheres. Below is a picture and line drawing to show the insides. This is also a personal tribute to the work of Rachel Whiteread, who amongst other things produced an inside-out house, and a library as a memorial to the victims of the holocaust. The snowman’s body …

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Dec 20

Snowtonics: the photonics of snow?

Fresh snow is bright, white and opaque. What does this actually mean, optically? Fresh snow is opaque If you’ve seen snow, you will know this to be true. But why? Snow is made of, erm, snowflakes, which are made of ice, which is transparent, not opaque. Snow is what we call a multiple scatterer, in …

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Dec 19

A Photonicly perfect Christmas tree

This week is our last week of work before breaking for the Christmas/New year holiday. As it's the last week, the office has taken on a decidedly festive air (someone had a christmas card on their desk) and I was thinking how we could make our work more seasonally appropriate. So after some group brain …

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Dec 07

The animated GIFs of Movember

A little over a month ago I wrote about 5 members of our department and their pledge to grow a moustache for Movember. Movember, for those that missed the first post, is the awareness campaign for prostate and testicular cancer, where each person pledges their support by growing a moustache for 30 days. Well all …

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Nov 01

Remember, remember the 1st of movember

This is just a short post to let you all know that some of the department are growing (or trying to grow) moustaches for Movember this year. This campaign is to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. Wile these cancers are well known to most people, they are still two conditions that most men …

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Oct 16

OFS 22 Beijing, China

Steve, Fei and Thomas are attending the international conference on optical fibre sensors (OFS) this this week and are presenting a number of poster presentations of their work. If you are attending please go see them, they are only too happy to talk to people interested in the odd things we do! Poster Session 1: …

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Oct 10

Journal copyright for figures - why it takes aaaaages

Some time ago now, in a weak moment, Ralph and I agreed to write a review article on optical gas sensing for the journal Measurement Science and Technology, an IoP journal. This is a huge field and to do it justice we have written a rather large article with over 400 citations and 60 figures. It …

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Oct 05

Lab books exposed

In academia and industry there is still a reluctance amongst many scientist to share the details of their work with the wider community. Science has a long history of publishing results in  peer-reviewed academic journals. However, a growing number of researchers think that there is scope for wider openness and access to more detail of their published …

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Sep 18

We have a blog!

Hi, this post serves to explain a little about our motivations for having a blog and what we what to achieve with it. This blog represents a semi-offical attempt by our team (department of engineering photonics at cranfield university) to reach out to a wider audience. This was inspired by the fantastic STEM ambassador program …

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