Tag: optics

Dec 19

A Photonicly perfect Christmas tree

This week is our last week of work before breaking for the Christmas/New year holiday. As it's the last week, the office has taken on a decidedly festive air (someone had a christmas card on their desk) and I was thinking how we could make our work more seasonally appropriate. So after some group brain …

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Dec 11

Gas sensing review article

The review article I (Jane) put together with Ralph Tatam on optical gas sensing has just been published online by the journal Measurement Science and Technology. You may remember this review from my previous blog post on the problems with journal copyright. Optical gas detection is a wide reaching field that impacts on industry, environmental …

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Oct 05

Lab books exposed

In academia and industry there is still a reluctance amongst many scientist to share the details of their work with the wider community. Science has a long history of publishing results in  peer-reviewed academic journals. However, a growing number of researchers think that there is scope for wider openness and access to more detail of their published …

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