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Sep 22

Publication update – Speckle instrumentation

Some recent research arising from our project investigating the application of speckle velocimetry (SV) project for Mars rovers and other autonomous vehicles (EPSRC grant - EP/H019839/1) has been accepted for publication. During the course of the SV work it became apparent that the observed speckle shift was very dependent upon the surface shape beneath the …

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Jul 22

Publication update - Flow measurement

In the paper “Frequency-division multiplexing (FDM) for interferometric referencing and multi- component measurements in Planar Doppler Velocimetry (PDV)” we explore the applications of high speed industrial cameras for full-field interferometry and the multiplexing of velocity channels via frequency division multiplexing

Jan 16

COS Reviews; Junction and carrier temperature measurements in deep-ultraviolet light-emitting diodes using three different methods

The Cranfield Optics Society (COS) was setup to enable its members to develop the skills and attributes required by researchers. To that end we regularly meet and discuss papers that are relevant to the work we do, and analyse them as a group. The papers are discussed on their clarity, their relevance to our work …

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Dec 11

Gas sensing review article

The review article I (Jane) put together with Ralph Tatam on optical gas sensing has just been published online by the journal Measurement Science and Technology. You may remember this review from my previous blog post on the problems with journal copyright. Optical gas detection is a wide reaching field that impacts on industry, environmental …

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Oct 10

Journal copyright for figures - why it takes aaaaages

Some time ago now, in a weak moment, Ralph and I agreed to write a review article on optical gas sensing for the journal Measurement Science and Technology, an IoP journal. This is a huge field and to do it justice we have written a rather large article with over 400 citations and 60 figures. It …

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Oct 01

Latest publication in Sensors and Actuators B

Our latest paper, published in Sensors and Actuators B, describes a highly sensitive device for detecting and quantifying the concentration of carboxylic acid. The work is part of an on-going collaboration between the Department of Engineering Photonics at Cranfield University  and The Graduate School of Environmental Engineering at the University of Kitakyushu, Japan, exploiting optical …

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Sep 24

Gas sensing paper appears online

Jane Hodgkinson's latest study on the use of integrating spheres in wavelength modulation spectroscopy has appeared on Applied Physics B's "online first service" The detection and quantification of gas concentrations by measurement of their optical absorption has considerable great scientific and commercial importance. Extending the optical pathlength in gas sample cells is of interest to …

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Sep 19

Paper published in Thin Solid Films

The latest output from the collaboration between us physicists and those chemist in Cranfield Health has appeared in print in the journal Thin Solid Films. The best bits of the paper are summarised below. Calixarenes are bucket-like molecules that have been put to use in a number of approaches in sensors. By altering the active …

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