History lesson: The birth of fibre optics

No fictional lab partners were harmed in the making of this cartoon

The actual start/discovery of fibre optics is like most things in history, a little hazy. It is better to first look at the first use/discovery of total internal reflectance, the property on which fibre optics were first based the history of which is also a little hazy. You just can’t win with poorly documented historical facts. Total internal reflection is where the angle of the light reflected within a medium is such that all of the light is reflected back into the medium. Only light of a particular angle will be reflected back, any other light will be refracted out Continue reading

Latest publication in Sensors and Actuators B

optical fibre with mesoporous coating

Our latest paper, published in Sensors and Actuators B, describes a highly sensitive device for detecting and quantifying the concentration of carboxylic acid. The work is part of an on-going collaboration between the Department of Engineering Photonics at Cranfield University¬† and The Graduate School of Environmental Engineering at the University of Kitakyushu, Japan, exploiting optical fibre based sensing platforms developed at Cranfield with the novel functional materials and coating techniques investigated by Prof Lee’s group at Kitakyushu. The operation of the sensor is based on the measurement of the change in refractive index of a functional coating deposited onto the Continue reading