Good (paper) lab book house keeping

Academic research cartoon

A few weeks back, I asked the community at large for advice on where to go to set up an online open lab book. The response was fantastic and I have a whole list of places to look to for online support. However, before I jump in to the deep end, and for the benefit of those that are either not scientists – or just quite lazy about lab book keeping – I thought I would take a moment to explain why lab books are important and how you should be using them. At its core, a lab book is Continue reading


I also resolve to use MOAR graphs

It’s a brand new day in a nice shiny new year and like almost every other blog on the internet my first post is a list of semi-ambitious resolutions. I would have been more creative but I’ve only been back in the office about 20 mins and every time I sat down to write anything over the Christmas break, a small child tugged at my arm and demanded I show him more minecraft – parenting is so hard some times… So in no particular order here is my list of things I vaguely promise to do this year. Possibly. If Continue reading

Lab books exposed


In academia and industry there is still a reluctance amongst many scientist to share the details of their work with the wider community. Science has a long history of publishing results in  peer-reviewed academic journals. However, a growing number of researchers think that there is scope for wider openness and access to more detail of their published work. I will leave the reasons why I support this open-access model to another time as it is really part of a bigger discussion about improving the dissemination of science to related fields and to the public. Shifting from the old model to one based around Continue reading