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International Mass Spectrometry: August 2018

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22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference

Fortezza da Basso

Florence, Italy

26th to 31st August

After 42 years, the city of Florence, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is ready to host the 22nd edition of IMSC which will be the occasion to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this conference.
The IMSC2018 venue is the historic "Fortezza da Basso", a masterpiece of Renaissance military architecture, built in 1534-1537, fully restored and located downtown, a few steps away from many hotels and all the attractions (museums, theatres, monuments, etc) of the city.

As all the previous editions, IMSC 2018 will cover all aspects of mass spectrometry, from fundamentals to instrumentation and applications.
The conference is organized with short courses, tutorial lectures, oral and poster sessions, workshops, awards, commercial exhibition, social program (including a welcome mixer, the social dinner in an exclusive place, and a program for accompanying persons), and companies user meetings. All of them will be defined shortly.

Florence from the Villa il Garofalo.

EP papers - poster presentation

'The volatile faecal metabolome in Cushing's syndrome mouse model of type 2 diabetes'
C. Lourenço, M. Cauchi, L. Bentley, R. D. Cox and C. Turner

'Methodology for qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile compounds from composite materials at elevated temperatures'
C. Lourenço, S. Bergin, D. Francis, S. Staines, J. Hodgkinson, C. Walton, J. Saffell, R. P. Tatam


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