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FLAIR 2022

12th – 16th September: Aix les Bains, France, UK

FLAIR 2022 will be the 7th edition of the international conference series Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research, initiated in 2007 by Francesco D’Amato and Peter Werle. It aims to bring together researchers from both industrial and academic research laboratories and institutions to stimulate new research initiatives and field laser applications involving sensitive and selective detection of molecular species with a broad interdisciplinary approach.

EP papers

A long-wave infrared spectrometer based on an external-cavity quantum cascade laser and a hollow silica waveguide
D Francis, J Hodgkinson, and R P Tatam

Standoff measurement of spectral changes in UV-aged bitumen
N M Davis, J Hodgkinson, C Browne*, K Nesnas*, A Wright*, S McRobbie$, and R P Tatam
*TRL, Wokingham, UK;   $National Highways, Birmingham, UK

Interferometric fringe rejection in tunable diode laser spectroscopy
J Bremner, T Kissinger, J Hodgkinson, N M Davis, and R P Tatam

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