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This year the FLAIR conference (Field Laser Applications in Industry and Research) returned to the French spa town of Aix-les-Bains. Nick Davis and Dan Francis attended to present posters on their recent work on tuneable laser spectroscopy. The posters, which only just arrived in the nick of time due to issues with UK delivery companies, were very well received.

Nick and Dan at Chateau de Montrottier near Annecy

The much anticipated social events included a five course conference dinner in the Aix-les-Bains casino and an  excursion to Chateau de Montrottier, a 13th Century Savoyard castle. The visit to the chateau included a treasure hunt, a dinner that included a cheese fondue, and was followed by a live rock band.

Dan and Nick presenting their posters at FLAIR.

EP posters – click links to view posters

A long-wave infrared spectrometer based on an external-cavity quantum cascade laser and a hollow silica waveguide
D Francis, J Hodgkinson, and R P Tatam

Standoff measurement of spectral changes in UV-aged bitumen
N M Davis, J Hodgkinson, C Browne*, K Nesnas*, A Wright*, S McRobbie$, and R P Tatam
*TRL, Wokingham, UK;   $National Highways, Birmingham, UK

Interferometric fringe rejection in tunable diode laser spectroscopy
J Bremner, T Kissinger, J Hodgkinson, N M Davis, and R P Tatam