ETTC: Nuremburg 2018

In June, Erica Alcusa Sáez and Steve James travelled to Nuremburg, Germany to present their work on fibre-optic measurements in wind tunnels at the European Test and Telemetry conference.  The conference provides a forum for the discussion of telemetry technologies for aeronautical, space, automotive, biomedical applications.

Nuremburg (© Jamie Moore).

Application of fibre Bragg grating sensors to a stalled high lift wing
E Alcusa Sáez, S W James, S A Prince, E Chehura, N J Lawson, and R P Tatam

Application of fibre optic range-resolved interferometric vibrometry to a full-scale
feathered propeller in a wind tunnel
N J Lawson, T Kissinger, M V Finnis, S W James, and R P Tatam

Eurobrake: Den Haag 2018

In May, Steve James attended the EuroBrake conference in Den Haag, The Netherlands. He presented work on optical measurements of brake pad pressure distributions. EuroBrake forum was created in 2012 to address the profound changes in the demands made by the braking industry’s customers and end-users, and to provide a forum for companies and engineers working in the area of brake technology to come together to share ideas.

Binnenhof, Den Haag

Experimental investigation of  disc/pad interface pressure distributions using optical sensors
P Lenormand, B Major, D Gonzalez Correas, J Voveris, D Tiwari, S W James*, M Tirovic, S Staines and R P Tatam

Photonics Europe 2018: Strasbourg

In April, Jane and Dan attended the SPIE Photonics Europe conference in Strasbourg, capital of the Alsace-Lorraine region and centre of the European Parliament. The conference is the largest of its kind in Europe covering  the most significant photonics technologies—from digital optics to quantum technologies to attosecond science.

Grande Île de Strasbourg from Petite France. (© D.Francis)

Jane had an invited presentation on her work on the use of integrating spheres as gas cells and Dan presented recent work on refractive index measurement using low-coherence interferometry. Both talks were in the Optical Sensing and Detection conference. The talks went well and were well attended even though they were at awkward times - Jane was at 8:30 in the morning and Dan was in the afternoon of the last day!

Jane and Dan at Photonics Europe, Strasbourg.

Conference presentations

In-situ pathlength calibration of integrating spheres used in measurement of absorbance (Invited Paper)
J Hodgkinson, S Bergin, D Francis, D Masiyano, N M Davis, S E Staines, and R P Tatam
Presented at Optical Sensing and Detection V (Part of SPIE Photonics Europe),
Strasbourg, France, April 2018
Proc. SPIE 10680 Article number 106800C (2018)

Refractive index and dispersion measurement using low-coherence interferometry with broadband confocal scanning
D Francis, H D Ford, and R P Tatam
Presented at Optical Sensing and Detection V (Part of SPIE Photonics Europe),
Strasbourg, France, April 2018
Proc. SPIE 10680 Article number 106800I (2018)

Physics in Food Manufacturing: Edinburgh 2018

In January, Jonathan Hallam attended the Institute of Physics first annual meeting of the Physics in Food Manufacturing group, held at the University of Edinburgh.  He presented his work on depth-resolved, metre-per-second flow measurement using optical coherence tomography.

Panorama of Edinburgh city from Arthur's Seat.

Depth-resolved monitoring of fluidic flows at m/s velocities and micrometre resolution using Optical Coherence Tomography via a single optical fibre access port
J M Hallam, E Rigas, H D Ford, T Charrett, and R P Tatam