Graduation 2022

Cranfield University’s 2022 graduation ceremony was held on June 23rd with four Engineering Photonics PhD graduates in attendance. Congratulations to Laura Aime, James Bremner, Angus Bridges and Kieran Wiseman on their well deserved success!  Angus was also award the Lord Kings Norton medal for most outstanding doctoral student across the whole University.

Engineering Photonics’ 2022 PhD graduates: L-R – Laura Aime, Kieran Wiseman, Angus Bridges, and James Bremner.

L. Aime ‘Development of an optical fibre pressure sensor for F1 applications’ (2021)

J. Bremner ‘Fibre-coupled, multiplexed methane detection using range-resolved interferometry’ (2021)

A. Bridges ‘Optical metrology to support the next generation of nanopositioning’ (2022).

K. Wiseman ‘Novel applications and stabilisation for widely wavelength modulated laser interferometry for precision dimensional metrology’ (2022).