Farewell to Thomas Kissinger

Engineering Photonics bids farewell to Thomas Kissinger who returns to his native Germany to take up a position as Junior Professor at the Technical University of Ilmenau. His new role in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering will see him lead the new department of nanofabrication and nanomeasurement technology, in which he will research precision machines for nanometer-accurate production and analysis technology.

Before he left, we did find an opportunity to enjoy a shared lunch in the gardens of the Cranfield Student Association, and was, for many of us, a first gathering since the start of the pandemic in early 2020. Those who were not able to attend in person joined remotely through Microsoft Teams. During the lunch, Thomas was presented with a print of Michelson’s original interferometer design for measuring the velocity of light.

Lunch in the CSA gardens for Thomas’ farewell. (L-R: Sam Gibson, Kieran Wiseman, James Barrington, James Bremner, Tom Charrett, Thomas Kissinger, Sivaji Pillai, Steve Staines, Steve James, and Nick Davis).