IR WORKshop: Princeton, NJ

In November, Jane Hodgkinson travelled to Princeton University, New Jersey, to attend Laser Components' 7th International WORKshop on Infrared Technologies. She also presented a joint paper with Cranfield University's National Flying Laboratory on the use of retroreflective materials in maritime search and rescue.

Princeton University.

The workshop focusses on new developments in all fields of IR technology such as detectors, sources and filters, instrument subsystems, as well as commercial applications. Short, concise presentations are not only delivered to convey information, but also to serve as a basis for the exchange of thoughts, concepts and ideas.

Presentation title

IR performance of retroreflective materials in maritime search and rescue
J Hodgkinson, J Nixon*, C Bennett+, and R P Tatam
*Centre for Safety & Accident Investigation, Cranfield University, +National Flying Laboratory, Cranfield University