Optical Fibre Sensors: Lausanne 2018

In September, Antonio Rendon-Romero, Jonathan Hallam, and Steve James travelled to Switzerland to attend the 26th International Conference on Optical Fibre Sensors. Antonio presented a poster on his work on fibre Bragg grating immunosensors and Jonathan delivered a talk on the use of single-mode optical fibres in optical coherence tomography.

Jonathan giving his presentation on optical coherence tomography.

A Fibre Optic Long Period Grating Immunosensor for Campylobacter jejuni with Enhanced Sensitivity by Bacterial Staining 
A Rendon-Romero, M Partridge, N Masdor, S W James, I Tothill, and R P Tatam

Dual-channel OCT for Velocity Measurement in Microfluidic Channels
E Rigas, J M Hallam, H D Ford, T Charrett, and R P Tatam