International Mass Spectrometry: Florence 2018

In August, Célia Lourenço travelled to Florence to attend the 22nd International Mass Spectrometry Conference. Célia presented two posters covering both her PhD research on mass spectrometry as well as her recent work investigating the volatile constituent of composite materials at elevated temperatures. The conference was held at the historic "Fortezza da Basso", a masterpiece of Renaissance military architecture, built in 1534-1537, fully restored and located downtown, a few steps away from many hotels and all the attractions (museums, theatres, monuments, etc) of the city.

Florence from the Villa il Garofalo.

The volatile faecal metabolome in Cushing's syndrome mouse model of type 2 diabetes
C Lourenço, M Cauchi, L Bentley, R D Cox, and C Turner

Methodology for qualitative and quantitative analysis of volatile compounds from composite materials at elevated temperatures
C Lourenço, S Bergin, D Francis, S Staines, J Hodgkinson, C Walton, J Saffell, R P Tatam