ETTC: Nuremburg 2018

In June, Erica Alcusa Sáez and Steve James travelled to Nuremburg, Germany to present their work on fibre-optic measurements in wind tunnels at the European Test and Telemetry conference.  The conference provides a forum for the discussion of telemetry technologies for aeronautical, space, automotive, biomedical applications.

Nuremburg (© Jamie Moore).

Application of fibre Bragg grating sensors to a stalled high lift wing
E Alcusa Sáez, S W James, S A Prince, E Chehura, N J Lawson, and R P Tatam

Application of fibre optic range-resolved interferometric vibrometry to a full-scale
feathered propeller in a wind tunnel
N J Lawson, T Kissinger, M V Finnis, S W James, and R P Tatam