Publication update: imaging interferometry


A recent paper, published in the IOP journal Measurement science and technology describes the application of infinity corrected lenses, commonly used for microscope objectives, for full-field interferometry applications such as optical flow measurement and speckle interferometry. The paper “Full-field interferometry using infinity corrected optics” describes critical considerations for constructing path-length imbalanced full-field interferometers using such lenses, including the concept of balancing the infinity-spaces of the two arms of the interferometer via the use of a glass block, convenient methods for phase shifting, and the introduction of carrier fringes in the interferograms.

The full-paper is available now from Measurement science and technology:
Full-field interferometry using infinity corrected optics
T O H Charrett and R P Tatam
Measurement Science and Technology, Volume 27, Number 1, 015402 (8pp) (

Or via CERES (Cranfield University institutional repository).