Nov 18

- IET innovation finalists 2015


The multi-surface vibrometry system developed by Engineering Photonics at Cranfield University was shortlisted for the IET Innovation Awards 2015 in the category “Measurement in Action”.

A summary description of our entry: “The innovation is a novel optical fibre laser-based instrument that permits non-contact measurement of displacement and vibration with nanometre resolution of multiple semi-transparent surfaces along the line of the laser beam. The instrument is low cost and robust and overcomes limitations of expensive commercial systems.”


Vibrometer and IET certificate.

For this occasion a group of four from Engineering Photonics (Thomas Kissinger, Tom Charrett, Stephen James and Ralph Tatam) travelled to the venue at the Brewery in London on the 18th of November 2015. Before the actual ceremony took place we were given the chance to present a live demonstration of the system running in the foyer at the Brewery. At times, all four of us were busy answering the questions of the ceremony guests. Unfortunately we did not win the award, nevertheless it was a memorable event and the possibility to exhibit the system running to such a large audience was truly worthwhile.


Vibrometer system explained (click to view larger version).






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