Oct 01

Finalists in OBN awards - 2015

logoThe DIABLO consortium was recently shortlisted for 'best public-private collaboration' in the Oxford Biotechnology Network (OBN) awards. The DIABLO (detection of infectious agents by laser optics) consortium consists of Cranfield University (Engineering Photonics and the former School of Health), Cascade Technologies, and Bedford Hospital. It was set up to research the use of mid-infrared spectroscopy to diagnose hospital based infections, specifically Clostridium difficile, and was funded by the Technology Strategy Board (now Innovate UK).

Our work involved the discovery of a suite of biomarkers for C-diff (Cranfield Health) and the development of novel gas cells using hollow waveguides that allow highly sensitive spectroscopy of very small volumes of gas (Engineering Photonics). The award ceremony was a black-tie event held at the Ashmolean museum in Oxford and was attended by Ralph, Jane and Dan from Engineering Photonics and Chris Walton from Cranfield Health. The award was won by Isansys and Birmingham Children's Hospital for their groundbreaking development of wireless patient monitoring systems.

Ralph, Jane, and Chris at the OBN award ceremony.

Ralph (left), Jane (2nd right), and Chris (right) at the OBN award ceremony.