Dec 07

The animated GIFs of Movember

A little over a month ago I wrote about 5 members of our department and their pledge to grow a moustache for Movember. Movember, for those that missed the first post, is the awareness campaign for prostate and testicular cancer, where each person pledges their support by growing a moustache for 30 days. Well all 5 of them gave it a go (some were more successful than others) and below is the group photo showing their efforts.


L to R; John, Tanmay, Tom, Steve and Mark

At the start of Movember I also asked those taking part to have their photograph taken every day. The idea was to use the images to chart their moustache growing skills. This little sub-project had mixed success as some people (Tom) were not very good at remembering to come by for a photo everyday - it's almost like they were busy doing actual work! But I did manage to get enough photos to make a series of animated GIFs for each of the 5 intrepid growers.


In order to make these, I had to spend 2 hours staring at these pictures, lining them up correctly - I may never be the same again...

Finally, some members of the department felt left out - either by their inability to grow a moustache or because they started after the start of Movember. So to show their support of their colleagues' itchy faces and the Movember campaign, they all got together for a display of solidarity.

Solidarity movember

L to R; Oliver (possibly evil twin), Fei, Jane, Helen, Rebecca and Sahar

Group Movember

There are far too many people to list, just check the other photos if you want to know their names!

The second group photo is, rather worryingly, the closest thing we have to a departmental photograph.

In the interest of balance I should point out that not everyone is a fan of the Movember campaign. Margaret McCartney wrote an excellent piece in the BMJ about both the campaign's rather bad referencing (no NHS backed resources are even mentioned on the Movember site) and their promotion of testing regimes without scientific evidence. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask that any medical guidance is backed by multi source, high quality evidence and not soundbite advice put together after "we did consult with a medical expert....". I still think Movember is a very worthy idea that helps get discussion about men's health more widely accepted, but I agree with Dr McCartney that this publicity and discussion is worthless if the advice and guidance being offered is rubbish.