Dec 11

Gas sensing review article

Janes paper wordle

The review paper presented as a 'wordle'

The review article I (Jane) put together with Ralph Tatam on optical gas sensing has just been published online by the journal Measurement Science and Technology. You may remember this review from my previous blog post on the problems with journal copyright.

Optical gas detection is a wide reaching field that impacts on industry, environmental study and safety.  Given this importance the field moves rapidly with a large number of groups working with a diverse range of techniques. Our paper seeks to highlight the changes in this field over the last 10 years and provide a detailed analysis of their impact on the challenges in gas detection. The review is divided into several sections with particular focus on 6 key areas;

  1. Optical gas cells (e.g. multipass Herriott cells and integrating spheres)
  2. Non-dispersive sensors
  3. Spectrophotometry (including miniature spectrometers)
  4. Tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS)
  5. Cavity enhanced techniques (cavity ringdown spectroscopy and cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy), which can be used with techniques 2-4 above.
  6. Photoacoustic detection, which can also be used with the above techniques.

In addition this review brings these techniques together in a comparison table, sub-divided into various gases of interest (ammonia, benzene, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ethane, formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, methane, nitric oxide, nitrous oxide, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide).

We hope  that this review paper is an ideal starting point for anyone wishing to get an overview of current trends and developments in optical gas detection. The article will be FREE TO DOWNLOAD until 29th December using this link.