Nov 01

Remember, remember the 1st of movember

This is just a short post to let you all know that some of the department are growing (or trying to grow) moustaches for Movember this year. This campaign is to raise awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. Wile these cancers are well known to most people, they are still two conditions that most men are very reluctant to talk about or even get checked for. In my previous job I worked on developing a rapid prostate cancer test and I got to know some of the charities involved in raising awareness. These charities worked tirelessly to promote testing and publicising the symptoms of prostate and testicular cancer. At one large free screening event (organised by Graham Fulford) I was helping with, a staggering proportion of the men that attended said they only came because their wives insisted! There is a real need to change the way men think about their health and campaigns such as Movember are crucial in reminding people that these are not diseases that can just be ignored.

Supporting this campaign are; John Davenport, Mark Manders, Tanmay Tipnis, Thomas Charrett and Steve James. Last year we also persuaded the head of the department to take part but his is currently away and no one is sure if he's joining in. Below are their day one mug shots.

Clean shaven day 1

From top left to bottom right; John, Mark, Tanmay, Tom and Steve

I hope that over the 35 day Movember campaign we can manage to photograph them pretty much every day and produce some nice time lapse videos at the end of it. If you would like to support Movember you can donate here or you can donate directly to either of the charities I mentioned before at or through the just giving page for The Graham Fulford Charitable Trust.