Sep 18

We have a blog!

Hi, this post serves to explain a little about our motivations for having a blog and what we what to achieve with it. This blog represents a semi-offical attempt by our team (department of engineering photonics at cranfield university) to reach out to a wider audience. This was inspired by the fantastic STEM ambassador program (of which I and many of the group are members) which encourages professionals to explore ways of communicating science to schools. While initially the blog will be more focused at general public and professional engagement, we do hope that this will act as a platform from which to launch other wider reaching open access projects. At the very least we hope that for readers of the blog we can provide a new insight into the way research works and give you the opportunity to give feedback on how we can better communicate our work. (Translation: we hope it will be interesting enough to read occasionally).

More details on our current open research project can be found in the 'Crowdsourced research project' tab at the top of the page. We are still trying to bring a whole host things together to make it work, so details might be a little light at the moment. We will try and update you on it as much as possible as the project moves forward. In the meantime please read through some of our work and let us know what you think of our blog and our work.