Openly peak detecting

P{eak shift feature

Those that don’t care about data processing might want to look away now. I’d like to think this post will be engaging for many different people and the work I discuss is highly transferable but let’s be honest, if you aren’t interested in getting more information out of data then this is probably going to be about as much fun as watching flock wallpaper dry. I deal with a LOT of spectral data – it is not unusual for an experiment to produce 0.5 GB of data, all of which needs processing into some kind of meaningful results. This is Continue reading

Gas sensing review article

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The review article I (Jane) put together with Ralph Tatam on optical gas sensing has just been published online by the journal Measurement Science and Technology. You may remember this review from my previous blog post on the problems with journal copyright. Optical gas detection is a wide reaching field that impacts on industry, environmental study and safety.  Given this importance the field moves rapidly with a large number of groups working with a diverse range of techniques. Our paper seeks to highlight the changes in this field over the last 10 years and provide a detailed analysis of their Continue reading

Gas sensing paper appears online

Simple diagram of an Integrating sphere

Jane Hodgkinson’s latest study on the use of integrating spheres in wavelength modulation spectroscopy has appeared on Applied Physics B‘s “online first service” The detection and quantification of gas concentrations by measurement of their optical absorption has considerable great scientific and commercial importance. Extending the optical pathlength in gas sample cells is of interest to improve the signal to noise ratio (SNR) of this technique. Integrating spheres have great promise as multipass gas cells that require minimal optical alignment. However, the exponential distribution of optical pathlengths might be expected to influence the measurement. In the paper it was found that Continue reading