EWOFS 2013 Announced

The 5th European Workshop on Optical Fibre Sensors (EWOFS’2013) will be held in Krakow, Poland form the 19th to 22nd May 2013. EWOFS has a different format to many conferences. Each session begins with keynote presentations from leading figures in the filed. These are followed by a poster session themed in line with the keynote presentation. The aspect that differentiates this conference comes next. Attendees are allocated to a discussion group, facilitated by a member of the  technical program committee. The discussion groups meet after each poster session to talk about the posters – typical discussions might identify new and Continue reading

Gas sensing paper appears online

Simple diagram of an Integrating sphere

Jane Hodgkinson’s latest study on the use of integrating spheres in wavelength modulation spectroscopy has appeared on Applied Physics B‘s “online first service” The detection and quantification of gas concentrations by measurement of their optical absorption has considerable great scientific and commercial importance. Extending the optical pathlength in gas sample cells is of interest to improve the signal to noise ratio (SNR) of this technique. Integrating spheres have great promise as multipass gas cells that require minimal optical alignment. However, the exponential distribution of optical pathlengths might be expected to influence the measurement. In the paper it was found that Continue reading

Paper published in Thin Solid Films

A comparison of a calix[4]resorcinarene monolayer with (bottom) and without (top) surfactant

The latest output from the collaboration between us physicists and those chemist in Cranfield Health has appeared in print in the journal Thin Solid Films. The best bits of the paper are summarised below. Calixarenes are bucket-like molecules that have been put to use in a number of approaches in sensors. By altering the active groups that are presented in  the calixarene, they can be made specific to certain agents.  The molecules have been proposed for applications ranging from uranium recovery, thorough VOC sensing to ion-selective sensing. This paper explores the properties of a number of calix-4-resorcinarenes along with their Continue reading

We have a blog!

Hi, this post serves to explain a little about our motivations for having a blog and what we what to achieve with it. This blog represents a semi-offical attempt by our team (department of engineering photonics at cranfield university) to reach out to a wider audience. This was inspired by the fantastic STEM ambassador program (of which I and many of the group are members) which encourages professionals to explore ways of communicating science to schools. While initially the blog will be more focused at general public and professional engagement, we do hope that this will act as a platform Continue reading